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Ecological Beach House - Saltpond

P700 Ecological beach houseimpressionThe appropriate use of materials in coastal architecture is a recurrent theme, especially in relation to a new generation of hotels, villas and resorts. Where once resorts were made up of houses, villas, high-rises complexes – not specifically different from buildings inland – the last decade or so has seen the emergences of a more environmentally friendly style of construction.

P700 Ecological Beach house 3Resorts in places as far apart as Kenya, Thailand, Bali and Tahiti have adapted local styles of building, using immediately available ‘natural’ materials to create luxury accommodation. This is so completely integrated into the surrounding environment as to be scarcely noticeable. Instead of replicating all the air-conditioned conveniences of city life, it embraces the simple and the basics of the local setting. Water in the vicinity is integrated in the room climate control system and in the installation architecture.

P700 Ecological beach house vicinityWe see the Ghanaian coastline through the eyes of ecological and energy sustained design blended with surrounding environment.

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