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About Ghana

Until its independence from British colonial rule on 6 March, 1957, Ghana was called the "Gold Coast", a name given it by early Portuguese explorers who first set foot on the shores of the country in 1471. The name aptly described the country's wealth in gold and natural resources.

During various periods from the time the Portuguese discovered gold in 1471 to independence in 1957, the monarchs of several European kingdoms, notably Denmark, England, Holland, Prussia and Sweden sent hordes of explorers and merchants to the country for its abundant wealth, both natural and human. They battled for supremacy and control over the land, and built forts and castles which also served as trading posts. Vestiges of the extent of European colonial presence and concentration of activity in the country are evidenced by the fact that 29 of the 32 European colonial forts and castles dotted along the coast of West Africa are in Ghana.

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