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Second homes Island

Second Homes IslandThe Second Hommes will be situated on Emissano Island, a measured hard surface of 14.763 hectares in the lagoon is surrounded by a marsh bottom which can flood during high water levels. The difference between low and high tide is app 50 cm in the lagoon. The lagoon is between 0.7 and 1.2 meter deep depending on the tide. The highest point of the Island is app 12 meter elevated above the lagoon.


Second Homes IslandThe island is covered with trees, in particular coconut palm. Kuntu Beach and Emissano Island are separated by the lagoon. The property lines are app 350 meter apart from each other. Both parcels have a free and clear title for 99 year lease after which the land is in full ownership.



Second Homes Island



The Accra airport is the second airport in West Africa after Lagos Nigeria, with direct intercontinental flights by KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, British Airways, South African Airlines, and Alitalia. The non stop Amsterdam - Accra KLM flight is just 6,5 hours with one hour time difference. A helicopter platform at the resort will enable world leaders in business and government to shorten the travel time from the Accra airport to the resort to less than 30 minutes.

The semi hardened road to the property is appr. 4 kilometer from the intersection at Anokye at the coastal highway from Accra to Cote d ‘Ivory, and leads through the center of Kuntu village, after which its winds around the active operated salt ponds to the beach. From Kuntu village the road requires leveling and widening for frequent traffic for which funds have been committed by the Mfantseman district, once the construction start. Traffic to and from the island will take place with electric driven boats for passengers and electric golf and freight carts.

Electric capacity is sufficiently available in the area and a power line leads to the property. An additional transformer may have to be installed by the power company, which will be paid by the Ministry of the Interior according to the districts office. A diesel generator is required for black out periods for the full power demand of the resort and the second homes.
During 2007 the Dutch engineering company Spaans Babcock installed a drinking water treatment plant and distribution system in the district with a € 25,- million EU-grant, serving 150.000 people. The safe drinking water distribution system with sufficient capacity leads to the Kuntu Beach property.Water treatment systems for waste water will have to be developed and built for the resort and for the second homes. Collected rain water will be used for watering gardens and for the swimming pool.

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