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Boomboom Beach Club

P200 Boomboom Beach Club PlanThe new seaside style, evidenced in hotel design and the booming market in beach properties, is informed with a spirit which is both primitive yet intensely modern. Instead of replicating all the air-conditioned conveniences of city life, it embraces the simple and the basic: furniture made from local materials and driftwood; a shower installed under a tree; the lazy elegance of hammocks; cooking and eating outside, sleeping on the sand.

Accompanying this spirit is a taste for the renovation of such buildings as abandoned boat-sheds, light-houses or fishing shacks; this lifestyle is typified here by a surfers’ hut on a Boomboom Club beach, looking almost as though it had been washed up by the sea.

P200 Boomboom Beach ClubBut appreciation of the light and colours of the coast is as much a state of mind as a question of specific location. The qualities of seashore life have been recreated in many a city apartment or house, far from the coast, through the use of colours, textures and materials, drawn from living by or on the sea: shades of blue, green and white; sand, bleached wood, rattan, shells, scrubbed stone, pebbles; clean, simple surfaces devoid of pattern, timber cladding, domestic areas reflecting light, frosted glass.
All such elements can come together to constitute a reminder of our fascination with life at the edge of the ocean.

P200 Boomboom beach VIEWPeople will never cease to be drawn to coastal areas, invigorated by the sheer energy of the water or calmed by the movement of the tides. And then there are the simple, seductive experiences to be enjoyed: stepping out in the early morning to walk barefoot in the sand; picking up an unusual seashell, smooth pebble, or a handful of driftwood; the luxury of a candle-lit picnic on the beach at dusk; a wedding ceremony on the seashore.

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